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Best Sellers
Michie Tavern Cookbook Image

Michie Tavern Cookbook
Recipes from the Ordinary.

The Essentials Gift Box Image

The Essentials Gift Box
All in one gift.

Chicken Breader Image

Chicken Breader
Love our fried chicken? Make your own at home with this mix.

Biscuit or Cornbread Mix Image

Biscuit or Cornbread Mix
Just like Grandma made!

Tin Mug Image

Tin Mug
16 oz. Stainless steel mug from the Ordinary.

Virginia Peanuts Image

Virginia Peanuts
10 oz. salted or unsalted

Gift Certificate Image

Gift Certificate
$25, $50 or $100 gift certificate

American Revolution Themed Chessmen Image

American Revolution Themed Chessmen
Hand painted chessmen. Available in metal or resin.

Tea Brick Image

Tea Brick
Compressed black oolong tea.

Gentleman's Shirt Image

Gentleman's Shirt
Perfect for a more formal or tailored look.

Civil War Uniform Jacket Image

Civil War Uniform Jacket
Available in Grey or Navy

Michie Tavern Ball Cap Image

Michie Tavern Ball Cap
Navy blue with Michie Tavern logo

Michie Tavern T-shirt Image

Michie Tavern T-shirt
Our most popular t-shirt