Men's Colonial & Civil War

Men's Colonial & Civil War
Gentleman's Shirt Image

Gentleman's Shirt
Perfect for a more formal or tailored look.

Jacobite Shirt Image

Jacobite Shirt
For a casual look or with your kilt.

Jefferson Shirt Image

Jefferson Shirt
Favored by Thomas Jefferson when he was at home in Virginia.

Shenandoah Shirt Image

Shenandoah Shirt
Similar to the Jefferson shirt.

Mock Breeches Image

Mock Breeches
Knee length with modern zipper

Waistcoat Image

Cotton, worn mostly by Southerners.

Wool Blend Waistcoat Image

Wool Blend Waistcoat
An essential part of any colonial wardrobe.

Deluxe Tricorne Hat Image

Deluxe Tricorne Hat
Nice wool tricorne hat.

Tricorne Hat Image

Tricorne Hat
Inexpensive symbol of colonial times.

Kepi Image

Civil war hat

Stockings Image

To wear with knee breeches.

Haversack Image

Essential carryall

Fabric Covered Canteen Image

Fabric Covered Canteen
Covered in Grey or Navy fabric.