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The Polonaise gown was originially called a robe 'a la Polonaise and was inspired by Polish national costume. It features a fitted, boned bodice with a cutaway overskirt that can be draped and flounced over a petticoat.

The eighteenth century polonaise (also referred to as a milkmaid dress) was a conscious imitation of rustic country women's habit of tucking their outer gowns up to keep them out of the muck. The open skirt could be poofed up by tucking the front corners through the pocket slits or, later, by means of tapes and loops sewn into the skirt. (wikipedia)

Our Polonaise gown is hand sewn in the USA, in premium cotton fabric. It has lightweight boning in the bodice and closes up the front with a hook and eye busk. This was not everyday wear for a colonial lady, but "fancy" dress for a party or a ball. Cotton was a luxury fabric during the 18th Century, only the wealthiest could afford to have a dress made in cotton.

This is a great dress for docents, you can quickly change the look of the dress by changing the petticoat or by raising or lowering the sides and back. If you have a reenactment ball to attend, or are interested in a period wedding gown this could be the dress for you!

Petticoats are NOT included unless specifically stated. The chocolate gown with petticoat comes with a tan petticoat as seen in the picture, the other gowns that include petticoats will be of the same fabric as the gown.

The dress on the model is not available, only the colors shown in individual pictures are available.

Sizes XS - XL

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