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Closed gown with square neckline and flounced sleeves. Extra wide neckline replicates period patterning. Deep V at waistline and a hidden side zipper for ease of dressing. French seamed hem.

It is designed to be worn over a chemise, corset is optional. Use of a fichue or kerchief covers shoulders and bust for modesty and/or warmth.

Pattern is based on historic designs, but with modern touches like the hidden zipper in place of pins. Dress is made of premium cotton fabric by Nouveau Chic in the USA. Cotton fabric was considered the most precious fabric available during the 18th Century, only the wealthiest of women would have gowns made from cotton.

One gown of each color is currently in stock. Color choices vary by size, and we are not able to honor special requests at this time.

*The yellow contrary to the picture is actually a bright lemony yellow.

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