Tea Brick

Tea Brick Image

Brick tea was easy to transport along the silk roads by spice merchants, easy to ship to the American Colonies, and easy for soldiers and travelers alike to carry in thier saddlebags.

The back side of the brick is scored into smaller blocks and the larger bricks were typically cut up before being sold. One small portion could be traded for other goods or services. For example you might trade a small block for a single chicken.

Wealthy plantation owners would often purchase a large intact brick and diisplay it on the mantle, as a symbol of thier wealth. When they wanted to use the tea, they would scoop it out from the back side leaving the decoration on the front intact.

Each brick is wrapped in paper, and includes information about the transportation and sale of tea, and also a copy of the 1773 Rallying Song.

The small size brick is currently the only one available.

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