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Ethan Allen is an honored name in American gun making. Allen received his first firearms patent in 1836 and formed a gun making business the following year. Like Colt, Allen's guns were manufactured on the principle of interchangeable parts and his pepperbox revolvers rivaled Colt's in the American market for fifty years. The company had many names throughout the years - "E. Allen" , "Allen & Thurber", "Allen & Wheellock", and others.

This particular example was produced after the company's move to Worcester, Mass, in 1847, and was made between 1847 and the Civil War. "ALLEN & THURBER" and "WORCESTER" can be seen stamped in the cylinder channels. "ALLEN'S PATENT" is stamped on the reverse of the hammer. It is a six shot, small caliber, functioning revolver with fluted cylinder, nipple shield integral to its iron frame, iron bar hammer, walnut grips, 3 3/8" barrel, 7 1/2" overall. The iron was originally blued and engraved with a delicate floral scroll. The overall appearance of Allen's pepperboxes were simple and elegant.

This is an original and authentic 19th century artifact. Its mainspring is not fully functional and it is not a working firearm and no attempt should be made to fire it. The metal is fatigued from age and use and attempts to fire it may damage the piece and injure the user. The weapon should be handled with care and reverence as a relic of ante-bellum America.

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