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Maleman & Yeomans Cutlery company formed about 1850 in Sheffeld England and survived until about the 1960's. The company trademarks were issued about 1870 and appear on this blade. There is no "England" stamp which dates the blade to the mid to late 1800's. The handle is in two parts, made of wood and held together with 3 pins.

Throwing knives have been around for centuries in various forms. What started as "throwing sticks" and boomerangs evolved into throwing knives as metallurgy practices improved. A good throwing knife is perfectly weighted, has a sharp tip and blunt sides to prevent injury to the thrower.
Though not know for being the best self defense or hunting weapons, they became very popular in the entertainment industry. Knife throwing shows and competitions are still quite popular today and the knives used have evolved even further with modern machining techniques.

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